Why should a handset company force unwanted apps on its users?

I have had my share of experience with premium smart phones.Finally I came across a Micromax model which promised me everything . A 5.5 inch HD display, an octa-core processor,  lot of RAM, a big battery that last for a day, two SIM slots,  a good camera, lot of memory, finger print scanner, metal unibody, everything a premium brand provides is there in the package. All these features for 12,500 rupees which is almost one third of what Samsung would ask for equivalent specification. It is more than six months, I am quite happy with the performance and durability. Despite dropping it  an average of 2 times a day, some times sitting on it and sleeping over it, the screen has not cracked, nor are there many scratches. Heating is less, It is quite fast and is able to take any thing that I throw at it. The battery lasts for a 8-10 hours with two SIMs, 4G and Wifi on. I realize the VFM proposition. With the money they charge I can afford to buy three in an year and not have any anxieties of spoiling an expensive phone. There has been zero crash, no freeze and no reboot. It looks quite good also.

Now coming to the not so good part. Actually there is only one grouse. With out any warning, nor any authentication, this phone simply installs useless software. I tried my best to block it. But nothing seems to work. Even if I uninstall some of the apps, they keep coming back. I really wonder why a company creates such a pain for its users. I cannot understand the revenue model of forcing useless software on the buyers, is this how they subsidize their hardware?

I think  Micromax can easily charge a premium and eliminate this harassment,


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