Why should Keralites organize protest demonstration on political violence in Egypt?

Many of you will not believe me; but it is true. There was a massive protest demonstration in Kerala against suppression of democratic rights in ; wait make a guess.

Egypt it is. The country torn in internecine war between different versions and ideologies on how to govern people. All the intellectuals of Kerala from left, right and some activist Sanyasins , a retired Supreme Court Judge, all participated and lambasted the guilty. Some how it is implied that the imperialist west is at fault.

Political intrigue, conspiracy, and activism : these are the favorite pastime of people in Kerala and we are selectively concerned about injustice depending on who perpetrates it and who is the victim . You do not find protest marches against Chinese oppression of Tibetans, you do not find any intellectuals raising their voice against sentencing a Saudi Arabian blogger to 600 lashes, but Snowden will find sympathizers and candle light vigils. More than 50 percent of the population in many nations is oppressed , are not allowed to wear what they like, are imprisoned for driving a car, not allowed to study, there is not a concern, since it is not fashionable or worthy of intellectualism. Bombs do not discriminate whom it kills, and many nations are war torn, and many of these wars in the name of religions, does any one have a care about the victims who die in the hands of misguided zealots.

I believe all the nations of the world must come together and ban religion of all hues from public life.

One of the dangerous offshoots of globalization is that of, politics and religion which are bigger killers than any disease we have. It is easy to get addicted; take care. 


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