Need a reader friendly magazine

Being an avid buyer and reader of magazines of all sorts, I am at the receiving end of inventive sadism from publishers and editorial whizkid . Some times I wonder is this trouble worth the effort. I pay 125 rupee and I get a mammoth 275 page overdrive. I get multiple dual covers which get in my way, several inserts which keep dropping out of pages, plastic wrapper which I do not know where to dispose of. I get white letters in black background, silver letters in golden back ground, ash letters printed on photographs, give me a break I am getting old.
I get out of 275 odd pages, almost 200 pages of adverting most of them irrelevant to me. I get pages and pages of opinion pages which represent armchair journalism; any body who is any body can have his or her ramblings. 
I pay 200 rupees and I get 2 kg of Chip magazines, with two CD/DVD full of junk software mostly useless and the useful ones trial versions. I get a big cardboard piece nicely wrapped in more of plastic and the printed matter is hardly 50 pages.
some magazines give me a dual layer DVD, I am yet to see any one having a drive that can read these monsters.

These editors must be made to read their magazines in print and not on a computer. I think it would be better to track my favourite blogs for the reading thrill.


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