The new driving dictionary.

What do you infer if the vehicle ahead of you is flashing hazard lights?
A) He is in a hurry; or an emergency . Allow him space to speed
B) It is raining or there is fog. Hazard lights are poor visibility flashers.
C) Going straight at an intersection. Look at both the blinkers you dumbo
D) There is police checking on the way. Those without helmet, seatbelt ,pollution papers and those who had one for the road take care. I am doing my civic duty against the public enemy
E) Nobody told me what is this switch at driving school. Use it when in doubt.
F) I am towing, being towed or carrying protruding load.
G) It is just fun with music, HID lamps and LED illumination and it is Diwali/Xmas any way.
H) Any other reason ( I can't think of any thing more)


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