An elegy for Varkeys

Parting is painful. Over time,  relationships evolve, not only with friends, but often with brands. Varkeys and V-Mart is a relationship that goes back by two decades. perhaps the only modern retail establishment in Kerala during those days. They never offered any discounts, attracted an upmarket clientele , many were fiercely loyal . Varkeys was aspirational with Fluorescent lighting, piped music, foreign chocolates, creative displays. Varkeys is where you went if you wanted to see cars bigger than Esteem and fashionable ladies in midi skirts or if you wanted your lotions and creams or sausages and Black forest pastry. Later had the whiteforest also which I believe is an Indian clone.

Vakeys is where we learnt family shopping; me and my wife newly married and clueless about the hyper choice. Varkeys in those times days were about socializing , evening family outing, winow shopping, collecting examples for the marketing class. Varkeys and V-mart is where my children learnt about chocolates, biscuits, Christmas  trees, toys and cartoon characters. Varkeys saw me moving up from a Kinetc Honda to Hero Honda to TVS fiero and from Premier Padmini to Maruti Alto to SX4.
 Varkeys and later V-Mart was part of life, like a very predictable friend.
It seems Varkeys is about to fade away. for weeks now, there is no fresh stock , no window display, people look sad. What is wrong is not known. Is it competition, or is it more likely ambition which made them reach beyond , or is it soe other reason.

But I only wish they will allow this illustrious brand a euthanasia, a quick death than prolong the agony . It is really painful to see the deserted shelves and listless counter clerks .
I only hope that some enterprising entrepreneur will see the brand and its loyal customers  what it is worth and give a second chance. 


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