Dan Brown BlackBerry and Product Placement

We as consumers get exposed to quite a large number of ads a day. But we know that they are ads, commercial persuasion which we must be wary of. The psychological defenses are up, and many are screened out.

But what happens when we get exposed to commercial persuasion, but may not be conscious of it. Like when watching movies like Taal where a bottle of Coke becomes part of the backdrop , in computer games, when driving along a high way when hoardings rush past leaving fleeting infinitesimally small impressions in the retina. Do they have an effect on us? Do they act as stimuli that shape our behavior? If such incidental brand exposure do have an effect, is it through influencing the thought or shaping the emotional response? The opinion is divided. But still there are advocates for the incidental brand exposure effect.

May be when you google, you may not notice the text ads that appear to the right, but still they are there, impressions are made in your retina, but on your mind? If we go by the results shared by researchers (check out prof. Tanya Chartrand) who focus on incidental brand exposure , such ads also may have an effect.

Recently I completed the new Dan Brown book Lost Symbol. I was wondering is it just a coincidence that the book contains a pretty large number of references to BlackBerry. Sato and her Blackberry comes quite frequently in the text to access internet, make a quick search, receive a scanned Xray, and also to make and receive calls. The smart instrument of a smart and powerful lady. It is as if BlackBerry is another important character in the novel. Other mobiles are faceless, cheap prepaid or generic ones which are not even names. except for iPhone which is so complicated Mr. Solomon that he is yet to decipher how to use it to send a text message. Viva BlackBerry and down with iPhone.

After completing the book, I strongly felt the urge to own a Blackberry, you could say a strong conditioning. It will be interesting to see what is the effect of Lost Symbol on BlackBerry sales. Now would we see the brands commissioning the authors to write their novers placing their brands in the text like they do in films. Product placement in books seems like an interesting idea.

By the way Dan Brown is yet to master the all important closure of s story. A big buildup and very letdown of an ending. all the mysteries are in the BOOK, the WORD which is what else the bible which dan Brown himself denounced in the Davinci Code.


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